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Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Henk Stunnenberg im Rahmen unserer ZBI "Distinguished Speaker Series"

Am Mittwoch, 06. Februar 2013, wird Prof. Dr. Henk Stunnenberg (Nijmegen Centre for Molecular Life Sciences (NCMLS), Niederlande) im Rahmen der ZBI "Distinguished Speaker Series" einen Vortrag zum Thema "The Epigenomes of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells" halten (Raum 001, ZBI (Gebäude E 2.1); Beginn: Punkt 17:00 Uhr).


Deciphering the human genome sequence has provided critical insight in genome function in relation to biological processes in health and diseases. Recent technological improvements have opened up the analysis of the epigenetic regulation of the information embedded in the genome. Epigenetic regulation takes place at many levels including histone modifications, positioning of histone variants, nucleosome remodeling and DNA accessibility. Together with DNA modifications, transcription factors and other DNA-binding proteins this information provides an epigenetic blueprint. The epigenetic features of each cell type in the body (>250) are distinct and once established during development and differentiation need to be maintained. Hence, the study of epigenetic processes go beyond DNA-stored information and provide essential insight in the manual of the genome, in deciphering derailed processes in disease. I will discuss in detail the distinct epigenetic chromatin states of mouse Embryonic Stem Cells.