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Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Michele Vendruscolo im Rahmen unserer ZBI "Distinguished Speaker Series"

Am Mittwoch, 14. November 2012, wird Prof. Dr. Michele Vendruscolo (Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, UK) im Rahmen der ZBI "Distinguished Speaker Series" einen Vortrag zum Thema "Determination of the structure and dynamics of proteins using NMR chemical shifts" halten (Raum 001, ZBI (Gebäude E 2.1); Beginn: Punkt 15:00 Uhr).


The conformational fluctuations of proteins play a crucial role in determining many of their biological functions, including molecular recognition and enzyme catalysis. It is therefore very important to characterize such dynamics at atomic resolution in order to obtain a better understanding of the mechanisms by which proteins perform their activities. I will describe recent advances in the development of procedures to include NMR chemical shift information about dynamics in the process of protein structure determination, and to provide ensembles of conformations that represent with accuracy the structural fluctuations of proteins.