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Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Robert Russel im Rahmen unserer ZBI "Distinguished Speaker Series"

Am Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2012 wird Prof. Dr. Robert Russel (Cell Networks, University of Heidelberg) im Rahmen der ZBI "Distinguished Speaker Series" einen Vortrag zum Thema "Predicting protein-protein, protein-peptide and protein-chemical interactions within biological networks" halten (Raum 001, ZBI (Gebäude E 2.1); Beginn: Punkt 17:00 Uhr).



Many thousands of molecular interactions are now known, and this growing dataset provides interesting possibilities to predict new potential interactions using a variety of computational approaches.  During the last decade we have developed a number of prediction methods that predict molecular mechanism of interactions involving proteins, peptides and chemicals.  I will describe these methods and show how we have applied them to a variety of biological problems ranging from whole interactome analysis in the genome-reduced Mycoplasma pneumonia, to the prediction of biomedically relevant peptides and new potential protein-chemical interactions.