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Standard forms

In the following cases please firstly download and fill out the corresponding forms before contacting the examination office:


Subscription to the Advanced Practical Course Biosciences (Master's Study)

Subscription form (pdf)


Thesis announcement

If you want to announce a Bachelor's or Master's Thesis, please show up with the filled out form at the examination office. The form must be postmarked first at the office! Afterwards, you must bring the postmarked form to your tutor (who will subscribe it and send it back to the examination office).

Announcement form (pdf)


Mandatory prototype for the title page and deposition of a Bachelor's and Master's Thesis

Title page and depostion Bachelor (pdf)

Title page and depostion Master (pdf)


Submission of a Thesis

After finishing your Thesis, please submit your work triplicate (+ 1 electronical version) with the filled out form (see below) at the examination office.

Thesis submission  (pdf)

Congruence of the contents of the printed data and the electronic version of the thesis
(affidavit) (pdf)


Please consider: It is reasonable to apply for the certifactes at the time when submitting the Thesis!


Application for a certificate

When having all examinations completed, you can apply for your final certificate. After the surveys of your Thesis have been received, the final certificate can be issued. You will be informed in time by the examination office when your certificate is ready to be picked up.

Application final certificate (pdf)