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On Wednesday, February 7, 2018, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Maass (Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, University of Technology, Graz, Austria) will give a talk in the context of the colloquium series of the CBI in WT 2017/2018. The talk is entitled "Lessons from biological data for research on principles of brain computation and learning" and will be held at the Center for Bioinformatics (CBI), building E2 1, lecture room 001, ground floor at 17:00 am.

In the analysis of the human genome, one question researchers have so far left unanswered is how to differentiate the variants of a gene inherited from the mother and father. Such information would increase the likelihood of treating certain diseases successfully. The so-called third generation of sequencing technologies is now making this possible. One of the most important tools for solving this complex puzzle is special software developed by scientists at the Center for Bioinformatics at Saarland University. The renowned journal “Nature Communications” has reported twice on their research.

On Tuesday, January 30, 2018, Dr. Herbert Jäger (Jacobs University Bremen) will give a talk. The talk is entitled "An Introduction to Reservoir Computing, and Beyond" and will be held at Max-Planck-Institute for Software Systems (Ground Floor), Room 029 at: 11:00 am.

On Monday, January 22, 2018, Prof. Dr. Andrea Volkamer (Charité, Berlin) will give a talk. The talk is entitled "Structure-Based Computational Methods for Kinase-Centric Drug Development" and will be held at the Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS), seminar room 0.27 at 15:00.