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Subscription to examinations

The un/subscription is done using the online portal (since WS 2006/07).

According to §14 (2) of the joint examination regulations of the faculty for Mathematics 
and Computer Science, each examination has to be registered via the HISPOS system 
no later than one week before the first academic assessment or examination associated 
with the relevant module.
As far as proseminars and seminars are concerned, you are only allowed to register or to 
withdraw within three weeks after topic assignment/preliminary meeting

Please note that from the summer term 2019 on, no exceptions will be made. 
Technical problems with the examination registration has to be reported before 
the registration deadline. 

Only in exceptional cases, a delayed examination registration may be made by the 
study coordination but only if due to circumstances beyond your control. 

For questions as regards contents, please send an email to:
For technical problems, please send an email to the service contact