BALL - Biochemical Algorithms Library

The Biochemical Algorithms Library (BALL) is a C++ framework that has been specifically designed for rapid software prototyping in Computational Molecular Biology and Molecular Modeling.

BALL provides an extensive set of data structures as well as classes for file import/export, molecular mechanics, advanced solvation methods, comparison and analysis of protein structures, and visualization. It has been carefullydesigned to be robust, easy to use, and open to extensions. Especially its extensibility which results from an object-oriented and generic programming approach distinguishes it from other software packages. BALL is well suited to serve as a public repository for reliable data structures and algorithms.


BALL is BALLView which is also a framework for developing molecular visualization functionality. It provides fast OpenGL-based visualization of molecular structures, molecular mechanics methods (minimization, MD simulation using the AMBER and CHARMM force fields), calculation and visualization of electrostatic properties (FDPB).