A Database and Tool for Cancer Associated Proteins

CAP_Logo Cancer has been a “hot” research topic during the last decades. Different theories of tumor development and progression have been uncovered and new treatments and drugs are constantly developed. For quite some time now, it has been known that certain cancer types overexpress certain proteins, a fact that has been used for clinical characterization of the variuos cancer types. An important question is why and how the expression levels of these characteristic proteins are changed.

CAP is a database and a tool for analysing proteins that show altered expression in certain cancer types. The aim is to provide an automated way of annotating these cancer associated proteins. A deeper insight into the molecular and cellular events involving these proteins may have an impact on clinical approaches to cancer. 

Further Research Groups involved in the CAP Project

  • Chair for Simulation of Biological Systems, WSI Tuebingen University
  • The Institute of Human Genetics, Saarland University