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The International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB) announced a new open access journal in May 2021: the ISCB/OUP Bioinformatics Advances Journal.

Here you can find more information

In this year, Florian Schmidt was awarded the ISCB Student Software Award for his tool TEPIC. The ISCB Student Software Award was created to recognize the development of excellent bioinformatics software by students and postdocs that are members of the International Society for Computational Biology.

Here, you can find the GitHub page of TEPIC.

Here, you can find the overview article of the first day of ISMB 2020.

Dear bioinformatics students,

As you might have been informed, Saarland University has been closed today as a response to the pandemic. Parts of the official message from the University President are copied below.

With this note, we would like to inform you about how the closing affects exams and ongoing courses.

(03/12/2020) Due to the current developments concerning the spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the immediate action program adopted this morning by the Council of Ministers and the State Parliament of Saarland, the University Board has decided together with the University Senate on measures of the university to contribute to the slow down of the spread of the virus: