Research at the CBI

Research at the CBI

Bioinformatics involves the development of algorithms and software with which to simulate biochemical processes and analyze molecular biological data. The Center places its particular research emphasis on improving methods for the faster development of better medications with fewer side effects.

As a scientific bridge, the CBI connects informatics not only with the life sciences, but also with pharmacy, chemistry and physics, as evidenced by both joint publications and joint projects. The CBI and its bioinformatics groups are involved in many excellence and flagship projects of Saarland University, from the Cluster of Excellence (MMCI) and the Graduate School of Computer Science to the Collaborative Research Center 1027 (Physical Modeling of Non-Equilibrium Processes in Biological Systems) and the EU projects P-Medicine, Blueprint and DEEP.

Research Topics in the Field of Bioinformatics

Researchers in Bioinformatics develop algorithms and software for simulations of biochemical processes and the analysis of molecular biology data.

The publication of the human genome sequence in February 2001 is considered to be a milestone of scientific research. This is reflected in the reaction of the media and the public. Bioinformatics tools were quintessential for this achievement.

Still bigger challenges lie ahead of us: genes must be identified and their function determined. An understanding of the interplay of the gene products will be the basis for the development of future pharmaceutical treatments. These tasks exceed the mere assembly of the DNA-sequence by far. Bioinformatics provides decisive contributions to tackle these challenges.

The following page provides a detailed overview of the tasks and goals of Bioinformatics on on the way from genome to drug.

Decoding the roughly three billion base pairs of all our DNA has been compared to landing on the moon, splitting the atom, and even inventing the wheel. - Nature, February 2001

Excerpts of Current Research at the CBI

The Center for Bioinformatics and thus its bioinformatics are broadly positioned, i.e. diverse complexes of topics find their way into our bioinformatics research. Despite the great breadth of research, CBI has given itself a concrete scientific profile, which is focused on pharmaceutical and medical topics and which clearly distinguishes it from the other German bioinformatics centers. In short, bioinformatics is to be used here for a better understanding of diseases in order to diagnose them better and earlier and to treat them in a more targeted way.

In the following you can get an overview of the current research activities of the Center for Bioinformatics. Alternatively, you can check out the publications of our research groups.

Diverse Research Groups

Some 30 work groups in the areas of computer science, mathematics, medicine, pharmaceutical science, biology, biotechnology and chemistry conduct research and teach at the Center for Bioinformatics Saar. In addition to the core bioinformatics senior and junior research groups, over twenty other departments and five institutes from diverse research areas are part of or closely collaborate with Center for Bioinformatics Saar to create a unique, multi-disciplinary, and thriving environment. They participate in both research and teaching, interacting with the researchers and students likewise. A professorship in Bioinformatics (with a focus on medicine) and an assistant professorship will soon be added to support the CBI Saar work groups.