Information for Prospective Students

Information for Prospective Students


Since the winter semester 2001/2002, Saarland University has offered first-year students a Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) in Bioinformatics. Building on this, the Master of Science (M. Sc.) can be acquired (since winter semester 2003/2004). You can find out how to apply for one of the courses offered on our application page.

The Bachelor’s program provides a basic scientific qualification in bioinformatics as well as the necessary knowledge of life sciences and computer science. Graduates of the bachelor’s program should be able to understand and mathematically model life science problems and issues and apply scientific methods and knowledge of bioinformatics to these problems. Two majors are offered, leading to two different bachelor’s degrees.

The Bachelor in “BioInformatics” (BI), with its focus on life sciences, trains students in the direction of “bioinformatics application”, such as using bioinformatics programs and ~tools to obtain new knowledge. The Bachelor in “Computational Molecular Biology” (CMB), on the other hand, with its focus on computer science, trains “bioinformatics developers” to develop and implement tools and programs.

The Master’s program builds on the bachelor’s degree and deepens the knowledge acquired there. In addition, independent scientific work is taught through the preparation of a master’s thesis. This course is aimed at students who would rather work in industrial or university research and development. The standard period of study is 4 semesters.

With the Expectation Check you can check how accurate your expectations of the Bioinformatics program are.