Practical Experience

Practical Experience

Bachelor Program

Industry Internship and International Internship

Students of the Bachelor’s program are recommended to complete an industrial internship of at least 8 weeks (in a bioinformatics, biotech or a pharmaceutical company) or a research stay of at least 8 weeks at another university or research institution – if possible abroad (§ 6 para. 2 of the study regulations for the Bachelor’s and Master’s program Bioinformatics dated January 21, 2016).

Prior to completion, please fill out the appropriate form and submit it to the Dean of Studies for approval.

The internship should have its focus in the field of bioinformatics and at the end of the internship you should write a report (about 5 – 10 pages) documenting the project. Based on this report and a certificate from the internship supervisor that you have successfully completed the internship, the Dean of Studies will issue a (ungraded) certificate.

Master Program

Advanced Practical Course Biosciences

To register, please fill out the following form and hand it in at the examination office.