Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Frank Lammert

Prof. Dr. Frank Lammert, Director of the Clinic for Internal Medicine II at Saarland University Hospital, is to be admitted to the Center for Bioinformatics. He will give a lecture on Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2018.


New technologies to generate, store and retrieve medical and research data are inducing a rapid change in translational and clinical research and health care. Systems medicine is the interdisciplinary approach wherein physicians and clinical investigators team up with experts from biology, biostatistics, informatics, mathematics and computational modeling to develop methods to use new and stored data to the benefit of the liver patient. We provide a critical assessment of the opportunities and challenges arising out of systems approaches in hepatology and from this provide a definition of what systems medicine entails. Based on our analysis of current developments in medicine and healthcare, we emphasize the role of systems medicine as a multilevel and multidisciplinary methodological framework for informed data acquisition and interdisciplinary data analysis to generate previously inaccessible knowledge for the benefit of our patients.