Examination Board


The examination board ensures that the provisions of the examination regulations are observed. It decides on cases of doubt and exceptions, which are discussed at the request of a candidate. The decision is communicated in writing to the person concerned.

The examination board reports to the faculties on the development of examinations and study periods, makes suggestions for reforming the examination and study regulations, and discloses the distribution of examination grades and overall grades (Examination Regulations, §7 sec. 5).

The members of the examination board have the right to attend performance assessments of courses. The members, as well as the deputy members, are bound to secrecy regarding all matters of the examination board (Examination Regulations, §7 sec. 4).

Further tasks of the examination board, such as admission to the support program, appointment of examiners and approval of part-time studies, are regulated in the individual sections of the examination regulations and can be found on the following page. There you will also find the orders given by the committee.


The board of examiners consists of three professors, one academic staff member and one student, who are elected for two years by the Center Council of the Center for Bioinformatics. For each member an additional deputy is appointed.