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GeneTrail2 Webserver online


GeneTrail2 Webserver online

With the publication of an article in Bioinformatics, the GeneTrail2 web service has now left the beta stage and is available for general consumption.

The publication for the GeneTrail2 webserver has just been published [1]. GeneTrail2 is the successor of the popular GeneTrail web server [2] for enrichment analysis. In contrast to its predecessor, GeneTrail2 provides a plethora of new categories, reference sets, and enrichment methods. Its capabilities for processing user input have been dramatically improved. For power users the server offers a RESTful API that allows to control the server via the script language of your choice.

Other features include:

  • support for multiple omics.
  • novel “Inverse enrichment” view.
  • automated workflow documentation.
  • detailed identifier mapping statistics.
  • documentation including extensive tutorials and case studies.
  • provenance data for all included thrid party information.

Furthermore GeneTrail2 offers a tight integration with our previous web servers NetworkTrail [3] and DrugTargetInspector [4].

Access GeneTrail2 under [5].

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