Further Information for Applicants to the Master`s Study

Further Information for Applicants to the Master`s Study

Application Procedure

Who is eligible for getting admitted to the master program bioinformatics?

Applicants need to have at least a bachelor degree in a subject related to bioinformatics. Additionally, we require that you provide evidence of

  • A strong background in computer science

  • Good mathematical abilities

  • A thorough education in life sciences documented by experimental and theoretical courses

  • Solid basic training in bioinformatics

  • Good knowledge of the English language

How can I apply for the master course?

Please apply online using the following application platform. Be sure to note which semester you are applying for. Applications for a semester whose application deadline has passed will not be considered.

These documents are mandatory to be submitted: your cv, your bachelor transcript with course overview and a statement of purpose (please note the template).

Note that we do not require evidence of English proficiency in the form of a TOEFL test etc. In order to complete the application procedure, please upload an empty PDF document instead of the English test. Also, recommendation letters are not mandatory. If you do not name reviewers to upload recommendation letters, we will upload blank PDF documents after the application deadline. You will not be able to do this yourself.

If you are applying for two programs, be sure to note that your application can only be evaluated if all required documents for both programs have been submitted by the deadline. Otherwise, your application will remain incomplete and will not be evaluated.

When are the application deadlines?

There are two deadlines per year: November 15 for the summer term and May 15 for the winter term.

When can I hear a decision about my application?

The application committee tries to make decisions within two to four weeks after the application deadline. You will be informed immediately by e-mail.

Can I transfer my admission to a later date?

Yes, we generally allow applicants who have been admitted to shift their starting date in the program by one semester. This may be helpful, e.g., if you have problems obtaining your visa for Germany in time, or if special circumstances arrive. In this case, please send us an email.

About the MSc Program in Bioinformatics

Do you offer fellowships for the Master program?

No, the Center for Bioinformatics does not offer fellowships or studentships. However, you may apply for admission to the International Graduate School of the Max Planck Institute of Computer Science or for the Graduate School of Computer Science. Bioinformatics can also be studied as part of these programs. You should also check the information of the German Exchange Service DAAD about their regulations for your home country.

How long does the master program last?

The program is planned for four semesters including three semesters of lectures and one for the final master thesis.

Do I need to speak German to enroll for the master program?

No, all core courses of the master program are taught in English language. Some additional classes are given in German.

Where can I find the study regulations?
Where can I find the schedules for this semester?

Exemplary schedules and further information about classes is given here.

Where can I find detailed information about the courses, in which building and which room the course will be offered etc.?

You find these information on the website of each course. An interactive map of the campus is available here.

Does Saarland University offer language courses for beginners in German? Can I use the credit points for the Master program?

Yes, Saarland University offers German language courses for beginners. English language courses  can be credited towards satisfying the free points requirements of the master’s degree.


Which documents do I need for registration?

You need:

  • The admission letter

  • The voucher for payment of the semester fee

  • A photo

  • A certified copy of your university diploma

  • A copy of your passport

  • The registration form

  • Certification of your health insurance

For further details, please see “Documents to be submitted for your enrolment”

How much are the semester and tuition fees and what are the payment arrangements?

The semester fee is 293€ (summer semester 2023) including the semester travel ticket that allows students to freely use public transportation in Saarland. There is no tuition fee for the master program. Further information is given here. Only bank transfer is possible, to be paid before registration.

What about health insurance?

Before the registration you need an obligatory health insurance contract available from any public health insurance company of about € 120 per month or a contract with a private company.

Do I need to get a health check up or blood tests to apply for the health insurance?

No, these checks are not required to get a health insurance contract.

Is there any enrolment application form in English?

This enrolment portal is available in English too.

General Information

Where can I get some help and special information as a foreign student?

Special information for foreign students is provided by the Centre for International Students at Saarland University.

How much money do I need for living, etc.? Does Saarland University offer scholarships?

Some information is available here and on the websites of our Welcome Center.

Can I apply for a dormitory? How can I find an accommodation?

You can apply for an accommodation in a students´ residence right after having registered, see information about the students´ residences and private accommodations here.

For the first days, you can book a room in the International Youth Hostel that is near to the University.

Is it possible to register online for the courses? If so where can I find the courses that I can register?

No, these checks are not required to get a health insurance contracaAfter having registered as a student, you have to register online for the exams of the courses when the examination dates are known on HIS-Online-Portal. There, you also find the courses overview. Some lectures have additional regulations.t.