Provisions Pertaining to the Transition Period

Provisions Pertaining to the Transition Period

Change of Examination Regulations

Students who were enrolled under the 2001 Examination and Degree Program Regulations for Bioinformatics at the time the 2004 Examination and Degree Program Regulations entered into force or enrolled under the 2004 Examination and Degree Program Regulations at the time the 2006 (new) Examination and Degree Program Regulations entered into force may pursue their studies through the end of their standard period of study in addition to a transition period of two years pursuant to the examination regulations applicable to them up until this time and acquire the respective degree, however at least until 31 December 2007 (2001 Examination Regulations) or 31 December 2009 (2004 Examination Regulations).  This applies accordingly to students who are enrolled in the partial “Diplom” degree course for bioinformatics. The Degree Program and Examination Regulations of the Partial “Diplom” Degree Course for Bioinformatics (2001) will remain in effect until the summer semester of 2008.

Students who are enrolled under the 2004 Degree Program and Examination Regulations may change to the 2006 Degree Program and Examination Regulations by filing a written declaration to this effect with the Examination Office.

The Board of Examiners has passed the following transitional provisions pursuant to §26 clause 2 (2004 Examination Regulations) and §30 3 (2006 Examination Regulations) for establishing equivalent substitute examinations/graded assessments for the examinations/graded assessments specified in the examination regulations pertaining to the bachelor’s, master’s and partial “Diplom” degree programs:

Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Degree Program

  • Credit points can be transferred on a 1:1 basis when changing from the 2004 to the 2006 Examination and Degree Program Regulations. Start in the 2004/05 winter semester (for the 2004 Examination Regulations) and the 2006/07 winter semester (for the 2006 Examination and Degree Program Regulations), credit points will be awarded under the degree program and examination regulations under which the student is enrolled.
  • Progress monitoring will take effect upon the change to the new degree program and examination regulations.

Bachelor of Science Degree Program

  • After 30 September 2006 (deadline for changing to the 2004 Examination Regulations), the Bioinformatics Advanced Practical Course (“FoPra”, 18 credit points) of the 2001 Examination Regulations can be completed as a bachelor’s thesis (12 credit points) when a course certificate pertaining to a bachelor’s seminar (9 credit points) is also submitted. The option of completing the advanced practical course under the old regulations is possible only in hardship cases. In this event, application has to be made to the Board of Examiners containing a credible justification for failure to complete the requirements in a timely manner.
  • The course Probability Theory and Statistics is viewed as equivalent to the course Mathematics for Computer Scientists III in all transitional provisions.
  • When changing to the specialization Computational Molecular Biology, the mathematics/computer science requirements (45 credit points) and bioinformatics requirements (29 credit points) can be satisfied as follows:

    Mathematics / Computer Science
    Minimum of 51 credit points from the following courses: Mathematics for Computer Scientists I; Mathematics for Computer Scientists II; Probability Theory and Statistics (equivalent to Mathematics for Computer Scientists III); Programming I (Computer Science I); Programming II (Computer Science V); and Theoretical Computer Science (Computer Science III)

    Minimum of 24 credit points from bioinformatics lectures, Bioinformatics I and II being compulsory.

  • When changing from the 2001 Degree Program and Examination Regulations, 14 ungraded ECTS points are awarded for industrial internships for which no points have been awarded or for research residencies completed outside of Germany.
  • When changing, 6 graded points and 1 ungraded point less have to be completed for the aggregate point total and the respective category requirement as detailed above, since only 9 credit points are awarded for the software practical course in the 2006 regulations instead of 14 (2004 Examination Regulations), the 2006 regulations containing an additional requirement of 6 graded points for Fundamentals of Data Structures and Algorithms (under Introductory Lectures on Computer Science).